Doing Her Thing: CAFE POT

Cafe Pot is one of the most unique and inspiring businesses that I’ve come across during my time in Japan. What makes Cafe Pot so unique is the fact that it’s a mobile cafe where you can even schedule deliveries.
Cafe Potは私が日本で出会った最もユニークでかつ元気付けてくれるビジネスのひとつです。Cafe Potがとてもユニークである理由は、デリバリーの時間さえも指定できるモバイルカフェだからです。

What’s inspiring about Cafe Pot is the fact that it’s owner Rumi did what 99.9% of people in Japan do not do, which is to control her own destiny and become her own boss.
Cafe Potが元気付けてくれる理由は、オーナーであるRumiさんが日本人の99.9%がしないであろう、自分の運命を自分自身でコントロールし彼女が自ら社長となったことにあります。

Instead of just talking about it, Rumi took action, bought a small van, designed and built the interior herself, and 10 years later, Cafe Pot is still going strong.

If you’re in Niigata, check out her blog to find out where you can visit Cafe Pot and get inspired!
もしあなたが新潟にいるなら、彼女のブログをチェックしてCafe Potに行ってみてください。元気をもらえるはず!

Cafe Pot BLOG


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